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Travel Clothing, Compression Socks & More

Travel clothing from Flight 001 helps you dress for success on the go. From compression socks that soothe and energize your feet to cashmere accessories that help regulate temperature, our collection has the pieces you need for chilly airplane cabins, all-day sightseeing, and versatile comfort.

Soothe Your Feet

Put a spring in your step with travel compression socks. Air travel means long hours of sitting, but sightseeing means full days on your feet. Treat your toes to healthful compression that improves circulation, reduces swelling, and eliminates fatigue. Our collection includes selections for men and women that are made from anti-microbial bamboo or lightweight, moisture-wicking Merino wool. Energize your legs and keep your feet dry and happy with these essential travel clothing pieces.

Find Your Bliss

Pack for all contingencies with luxurious cashmere accessories. Wherever your final destination may be, airplane cabins get chilly. Avoid getting the sniffles with a lightweight Bliss Beanie or Bliss Beanie-Gator that doubles as a stylish neck scarf. The Bliss headband keeps ears snug and can work as a sleeping mask in a pinch. Protect your hands without putting your phone away in Bliss Texting Gloves that feature cashmere blended with conductive yarns for nonstop communication. These cozy companions are durable for the long haul, take up very little space in your carry-on bag, and keep you cozy everywhere from mountain hikes to drafty city streets to air-conditioned museums.

Shop First Class

Flight 001 brings you a first-class shopping experience. Whether you're taking off for a gig in Paris or embarking on a bucket-list world tour, we've got all your travel needs covered with 24/7 access to our online store. Prepare for takeoff with our collections of high-quality luggage, international guidebooks, in-flight accessories, and more. Stay ahead of the pack with our packing organizers and check out our sale page for great deals on innovative products that make your journey smoother.

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