Travel Eyemasks & Sleepmasks

Eyemasks & Sleepmasks

Arrive at your destination ready to roll with sleep masks from Flight 001. Say goodbye to sleepless flights that leave you drained, and give yourself the self-care of relaxation anytime. Pair any of our comforting, calming, and cute eye masks with a collapsible water bottle, and you're prepped for arrival with a fresh attitude.

The Comfort of REM

Say hello to REM sleep on the go. Our padded and contoured sleep masks have a raised shape that keeps pressure away from your eyelids. That's the only way you can get seriously restful sleep - plus the contours avoid smudging eye makeup, so you don't have to worry about raccoon eyes upon arrival. Wide elastic straps are easy on your tresses and secure with Velcro to ensure a perfectly personalized fit. These contoured sleeping masks let you bid adieu to restless flights and get the rest you need to seize the day at your destination.

Sleeping Mask Beauty

Show your personality while you're out. Our collection includes cute eye masks that keep it light in flight. The classic look of cat-eye glasses or Ray-Ban sunglasses on our comforting sleep masks let everyone know you're dreaming of island time. Make jokes even while you snooze with an eye mask that declares "I Sleep with Strangers." The velvety lining and light-eliminating bridge insert make these sleeping masks excellent gifts for wedding parties, sorority sisters, or any travel companions with a good sense of humor.

Calm in a Pouch

Calm tired, puffy eyes anywhere with Starry Eyes Mask. These disposable warming eye masks begin warming within 30 seconds, then deliver soothing heat for 20 minutes while you relax and unplug. Slip them into your carry-on bag as your best travel companion. Use them for a catnap between a day of sightseeing and dinner, a refresher before disembarking, or a calming wind-down before drifting off to sleep at night. These clever masks reduce puffiness, de-stress the eye area, and restore your fortitude for the journey.

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