Travel Pillows, blankets & Accessories

Rest easier with travel pillows, blankets, and accessories from Flight 001. Find dreamy bliss on long flights and in hotel rooms with our collection of comforting, multitasking options.

Holding Patterns

Sleeping in the upright and locked position is tough. Our collection of travel neck pillows includes options that create a firm holding pattern of support for your neck. Evolution Pillow S3 attaches to your airplane seat to prevent nodding forward or sideways. The BR2 Travel Pillow is ergonomically engineered for better neck alignment yet small enough to slide into any carry-on bag. For a high-density memory foam neck pillow, the Ostrich Go Pillow offers excellent support in three different positions, then flattens for easy stowing. The Kikkerland Easy Rest Pillow features a unique shape that's great for traveling.

Nonstop Companions

The best travel companions are adaptable and flexible. Our collection includes accessories that pull double duty, like the microbead-filled Ostrich Pillow Light that can be used as a neck pillow or an oversized sleep mask. Our Lumbar Inflatable Pillow supports your sore back, then doubles as a bed pillow at the hostel. But Bliss Scarf-Pillow has them all beat. Wear this ultra soft cashmere cutie as a stylish scarf, wrap it around you as an airplane blanket, or fold it into the included knit pouch for an instant neck pillow. And for pint-sized travelers, our Neck Pillow 2-in-1 serves as a comforting stuffed animal pal, then transforms into a microbead-filled travel pillow for the airplane sleepover.

In-Flight Accessories

Create a happy space anywhere with aromatherapy and silence. Spritz the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on your travel neck pillow or hotel pillow to help fall asleep faster and awaken refreshed. A natural blend of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile calm mind and body for better sleep. Tune out environmental sounds with our reusable foam earplugs in a translucent compartmentalized tray.

In-Flight Connection

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