Boarding Bag Totes

Flight 001 tote bags make excellent travel companions. Our versatile collection includes multitaskers that easily expand or quickly convert into backpacks, as well as stylish flight tote bags with international flair. Keep calm and carry-on with our boarding tote bag selections.

Convertible Flight Tote Bags

Stay mobile with tote bags that convert to backpacks. Carry these convertible options like a tote through security screening, then easily slide them onto your back for hands-free navigating through the airport. Once you arrive at your destination, bags like our Malpensa Hybrid Tote look stylish on your shoulder and double as a daypack backpack for all your adventures. The Notabag Duffle takes it a step further with three ways to tote your bag: in your hand, over your shoulder, or on your back. Now that's a flexible travel companion.

Boarding Bag Totes

Travel in style with our fashionable tote bag selections. Our X-Travel Boarding Bag brings classic good looks to the tarmac with real leather trim and reliable functionality. Globetrotters who prefer a bit of edgy urban flair level up with the lightweight versatility of the Reykjavik Convertible Tote in chic black or fiery red. Look fashionable in any language with our Chiltern Convertible Tote that features an expandable zip design, stowable backpack straps, and a water-resistant finish for braving the elements.

Expandable Airline Tote Bags

Be ready for anything with expandable bags that multitask. Our clever Expandable Duffle starts out as a pouch and expands into a roomy duffle bag in seconds. Slip one into your carry-on, fill it up with souvenirs and keepsakes, then slide it onto your wheelie luggage with the add-a-bag loop on the way home. The Stowaway Weekender features a hidden expandable pocket and the signature Flight 001 multi-pocket organizer system to keep everything where you need it. Notabag Convertible totes make excellent flight tote bags because they transform from an eco-friendly tote to an ergonomic backpack with a single pull on the straps. Plus, they fold into a hand-sized pouch when not in use. Choose from a rainbow of colors or the Notabag Mini Reflect made from high-visibility reflective material for added safety.

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