Business trip packing tips

Business trip packing tips

Published by Flight001 on Jul 17th 2020

Most packing tips are geared towards travelers jetting off for a vacation. But when you're going out of town for business, your travel needs are very different from a laid-back holiday. Maintaining a professional appearance and staying organized are some of the top priorities for these types of trips. Use this list of business travel packing tips to make sure you have everything you need the next time you work off-site.

Transitional Clothing

The key to streamlining your business travel attire is to find items that help you get through an entire day of work. From morning meetings to afternoon work sessions to dinner you're your colleagues, you want to look professional without having to do a wardrobe change between each activity.

One of the best business travel packing tips for women is to bring along a stylish blazer. You can pair this piece with a sleek dress or a blouse and trousers to create a boardroom-ready look. After work hours are over, you can take off the blazer and add a fun accessory to transition to happy hour or a client dinner.

Men can use a similar approach when traveling for business. Wear a suit during the day, then ditch the coat and tie for a slightly more laid-back look in the evening.

A Stylish Work Bag

Malpensa Hybrid Tote

When you're not working out of your own office, your work bag functions as your mini office on the go. Choose one of our stylish travel totes or briefcases to carry everything you'll need, including your laptop, important documents, cell phone, pens, business cards, and other work essentials. Pick something with lots of interior pockets to help you stay organized. Your bag can also be used during the flight to keep items like snacks and books handy at your seat.

Comfortable Sleepwear and Accessories

Getting a good night's sleep can be hard when you're on the road for work. It's likely that your days will be long, so you need to take full advantage of the time to wind down in your hotel room at the end of the night.

Bring cozy sleepwear to slip into once you shed your professional attire. Earplugs and an eye mask can help you get some shuteye. Use a small portable white noise machine or play soft music on your phone if you struggle to sleep in busy hotels where travelers are frequently coming and going.

Helpful Travel Items

A number of other miscellaneous products can help make your business travel experience much smoother and more enjoyable. Consider bringing along some or all of these items on your next work trip:

  • Portable steamer: A small steamer offers an easier alternative to ironing when you need to get a few wrinkles out of your clothes.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones: If you need to get work done on your flights to and from the destination, stay focused with the help of these headphones.
  • Portable backup charger: Work will likely keep you away from your hotel room all day, so keep an extra charger on hand to make sure your electronics are ready to go.
  • Healthy snacks: Keep your energy up by stashing nuts, granola bars, and other healthy foods in your travel bag.

Staying sharp at work requires the best packing tips. Business travelers should use these strategies to make sure every work trip is as productive and enjoyable as possible.