JAC Ready Adapter

JAC Ready Adapter

Published by Flight001 on Jun 21st 2020

The 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter from Flight 001 plugs into power outlets around the globe. Find the right adapter in over 150 countries by simply matching colors: Our innovative J/AC Ready Adapter System makes it easy to adapt almost anywhere with the color-coded map included in the box. Locate the country you're visiting on the map, match the adapter color to it, and get charged up for the journey.

Adapt Anywhere

The 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter brings the world a little closer with one quick snap. When you're embarking on a multi-country trip, it's the only electrical outlet adapter you need. Forget about buying a specific plug you may only use one time with this simple solution. From Iceland to Europe, Greenland to Guyana, Russia to Australia, this mighty little travel adapter hooks you up with access for hair dryers, computers, and other electronics you need during the journey. Make sure your electronics are rated 100-125 or 220-250 volts before taking off, as this adapter does not convert power.

Plug into Power

Level up your charger game. Not only does this universal travel adapter include all the great adaptive features of our 4-in-1 adapter, but it brings two 2.1A USB ports onboard for even more flexibility. Plug into power for your phone, Bluetooth headphones, DSLR camera, and any other device with the white detachable charger included in the box. Charge two devices at once and get back to snapping pics and enjoying the local scene faster. Keep all your tech protected and within easy reach in a Seat Pak, designed to hang from the latch of your inflight tray table. Your airplane seat becomes a personal hub of hands-free organization for boarding passes, headphone adapters, passports, and more.

Get Colorful

Find the right adapter in a snap. The innovative color-coded map that comes with each of our universal travel adapters makes it easy to identify which plug you need in each country. Blue covers your North American and Central American adventures, among others. Green plugs into Europe, Greenland, Russia, and large chunks of both Africa and South America. Yellow takes you from Argentina to China to Australia and New Zealand. Red works in Ireland, the Falkland Islands, Malaysia, and several African nations.

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