Long Flight Essentials

Long Flight Essentials

Published by Flight001 on Jun 22nd 2020

Travel smarter with Flight 001. Here are our Top 5 expert tips for what to bring on a long flight to stay comfortable, organized, and occupied. The journey to your destination is part of the fun when you travel with Flight 001.

1. Tech to Distract

Dive into drama to pass the time. Whether you're catching up on a full season of episodes on Netflix or catching some zzz's to your favorite soundtrack, technology distracts like nothing else on an airplane. Noise-cancelling headphones are the best long-haul flight essentials because they shut out all those ambient sounds, like crying babies and your snoring neighbor. Old-school cushioned headphones offer the best escape, but earbuds with an adjustable-fit system fit snugly and weigh almost nothing. Use Bluetooth for wireless watching and listening, and time will fly almost as quickly as the jetliner.

2. Softness for Sleep

Getting sleep on a plane is a challenge. Treat your neck to stability with a high-functioning travel pillow that cradles, adjusts, and supports. Find multitasking pillows that double as a soothing eye mask, scarf, or blanket in a bag. Choose inflatable pillows that take up no space at all in your carry-on, then offer comfort at cost-effective hostels with few amenities. Keep the kids happy with stuffed toys or inflatables that become long flight essentials for a peaceful overnight.

3. Clothing that Comforts

Dress for inflight success. Wearing layers is essential for weathering chilly airplane cabins, sweltering taxicabs, and drafty airports. A lightweight knit cap or headband doubles as an eye mask, and texting gloves keep you in touch and cozy. Most important among long flight essentials are compression socks. Sitting for long periods on a plane can cause cramps and leg pain. The gentle compression of these soft, comfy socks keeps your circulation strong for less swelling. Plus, the lightweight fabric wicks moisture for dryer feet while boosting energy and reducing fatigue. That means you'll be ready for action upon arrival.

4. Something to Read

Read up on your destination before you arrive. Slip an international guidebook into your carry-on and turn your long-haul flight into a cultural class. Mononcle Travel Guidebooks take you beyond the tourist traps to local favorites for dining, drinking, and discovering. Spend your inflight downtime getting ready to hit the town with a plan, and maybe even learn a bit of local lingo. By the time your plane touches down, you'll know everything you need to make the most of your journey into a new culture.

5. Organization for a Personal Oasis

Make the most of your personal space with Seat Pak. When it comes to long flight essentials, this colorful cutie is first class all the way. Designed to hang from the latch of your tray table, our innovative multifunctional organizer is the best travel companion. Purses and backpacks become black holes of chaos on long trips. Leave your carry-on in the overhead bin and still have everything you need at your fingertips with this exclusive Flight 001 solution. Your boarding passes, identification, device chargers, and more stay put in layered zippered pockets. Choose your favorite from a rainbow of colors, and you'll always be able to find your seat with ease.