Why Use Packing Cubes to Travel

Why Use Packing Cubes to Travel

Published by Flight001 on Jun 18th 2020

Stay ahead of the pack with Flight 001. We're seasoned travelers who know how to stay organized and comfortable on the go. No matter how complicated your itinerary, we've got travel systems that make packing for travel a breeze.

Read our pro tips on why and how to use packing cubes that compress, divide, and conquer all your travel needs.

Why Use Packing Cubes from Flight 001

Pack smarter with the Spacepak System from Flight 001. All our packing cubes are designed to work together to keep everything in its place and within reach, whether you're taking check-in luggage or only a carry-on bag. Our Spacepak Utilipaks follow a stackable concept that divides, conquers, and compresses. We've created various sizes of compartments to fit all your travel essentials, and the compartments Velcroâ„¢ together to stay put in your suitcase. Clothes pack flat in our packing cubes, so you can carry up to two weeks' worth of garments in your luggage. Our color-coding makes it easier to find exactly what you need without spreading the contents of your luggage all over the hotel room. With separate compartments to isolate soiled laundry, you'll look, feel, and smell great through your entire trip.

How to Use Packing Cubes for Travel

1. Maximize luggage space. Start with jeans and longer garments, and fold instead of rolling. Alternate the stacking so that it doesn't start to get too bulky on one side because the waist is generally thicker than the pant legs (think like stacking binders). Then you do the same with dress shirts or shirts. Try to fold to the dimensions of the bag to avoid wrinkles.

2. Apply pressure. Zip the Spacepak closed as it is filling up so that the clothes can start to compress. Continue to fill until it's as full as you like. You may need to apply pressure with your forearm as you close it to maximize what you are packing.

3. Keep shoeprints off your clothes. Spacepak Boot and Spacepak Shoe fit multiple pairs of footwear, work with our other packing cubes, and come with an outer pouch that makes a great secondary organizer.

4. Separate soiled laundry. Dual zippered compartments on every Spacepak make it easy to separate the good from the bad. Forget about washing clothes on the go with our travel systems.

5. Help the kids stay tidy. Spacepak small is just the right size for a week's worth of children's clothes. Plus, it slides easily into a kid-friendly backpack or carry-on. Two zippered compartments, an easy-carry handle, and bright colors make it easy to know what belongs to whom.

6. Treat formalwear with TLC. When a wedding or other event is on your itinerary, packing to travel gets more complicated. Simplify with Spacepak Flatpak and Spacepak Flatpak Long. Your suits or dresses stay wrinkle free and dancefloor-ready while maximizing luggage space.

7. Get intimate with your intimates. Padded bras retain their shape in five divided compartments in Spacepak Intimates. Triple front, middle, and back zippered areas make it easy to know which panties are ready to go and which need laundering.

8. Create an airplane seat oasis. Forgo rummaging through a tote or backpack on the plane with our ingenious Seat Pak. Designed to hang from the latch of your tray table, this colorful cutie keeps all your essentials handy, from boarding passes to headphones to chargers and more.

9. Access toiletries with ease. From TSA-approved clear quart bags for your carry-on to our Spacepak Toiletry that easily fits full-size bottles, grooming on the go gets organized with our travel systems.

10. Bring home all the souvenirs. Slip an expandable tote, duffle, or backpack into your purse or carry-on. They're indispensable as a daypack for sightseeing. Then, filled with mementos and memories, these clever multiuse bags slide over the handle of your wheelie luggage.