Flight 001

Clear Carry-On Quart Bag

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Flight 001's exclusive Carry-On Quart Bag. Transparent case is TSA approved for all your carry-on liquids. Zipper closure.


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Weight: 0.50 LBS
Width: 7.13 (in)
Height 5.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)


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Written by Tim on Sep 22nd 2017

Pretty product

This is a very good, durable bag. One caution, though: I pack this thing pretty tight (no, not everything is liquid--I do put stuff in that could melt if left in a car all day; this happens when I travel and leave my luggage in the rental car all day but this bag is in my backpack that comes inside with me)--by doing this, the stitching holding the zipper to the bag will rip. It takes a couple of years of traveling almost weekly to have this happen, but it can if you almost overpack this bag. My advice: try not to almost over pack it.

Written by Sherry on Jun 4th 2017

The most perfect clear TSA bag ever!

Love love this bag. No more flimsy bags for me! This one is super cute and sturdy. Has a wide bottom to stand upright and the top is as wide as the bottom -- meaning there is extra space for all your goodies! I loved it so much, I ordered the larger one for checked baggage as well!

Written by Virginia Nash on Apr 7th 2017

Good bag!

This is a sturdy clear plastic case for liguid items at security. It is also great as a carry all for cosmetics!

Written by JP on Mar 20th 2017

Great Stuff

Much more durable than a plastic baggie. Better shape for standing those mini bottles, too.

Written by Cynthia Gottlieb on Mar 15th 2017

perfect 1 quart reusable pouch

I had another reusable plastic pouch that I loved and was TSA approved but the zipper separated from the plastic after many uses. So far this one fits everything I need to TSA requirements for carry on liquids and seems sturdy. The nice thing about this pouch is it can stand up right in the bathroom and you can see what you need easily to get out with the wide zipper. I would highly recommend especially over using a 1 quart zip lock baggie. It fits a lot of stuff in a compact way.

Written by Liz on Dec 12th 2016

Perfect for frequent flyers

I hated reusing and overstuffing quart size ziploc bags and this works ten times better. More spacious, easier to fill, and better for reuse.

Written by Chris on Aug 16th 2016


Great for packing those liquids that would otherwise be denied at airport security.

Written by Lisa on Jun 13th 2016

Good and Bad

I loved this bag so much because the width did indeed fit odd shaped bottles nicely. However, I'm an overpacker by nature and only got a couple uses out of this bag as it ripped on top by the seam was useless after that. I guess it just wasn't durable enough for my traveling needs.

Written by Maura L. on Apr 19th 2016

The Best TSA-Approved Quart-Size Carry-On Bag!

I purchased this in 2014 for a trip to Europe, and the F1 Clear Carry-On Quart Bag works so well! Because the bag is clear, the TSA agents can see everything, and this expedites going through security. And, a clear bag allows me to see all my items as well! . The plastic is durable, and the zipper works perfectly. The two-inch width makes it easy to pack all my liquid items. I packed a 1.5 oz. shampoo, two travel-size tubes of toothpaste, two .5 oz. jars of face cream, a 1 oz. face cleanser tube, a .5 oz nasal hydration spray, and samples of other products.

Written by Lily M. on Aug 26th 2015

I packed all my toiletries in this!

I originally bought this for a trip down to Miami since I was planning to only bring a carry on with me and I am so glad I bought this! It fit all my toiletries (even non-liquids) in this quart size bag. It was a breeze to pull out and plop down for the screening process. Great solid construction and definitely will use for all my future trips.