Flight 001

Flight Pak

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Take me with you! I’m packed with everything you need for comfortable rest at 39,000 feet.



  • Comfy eyemask in navy blue
  • Two sets of foam earplugs for you and your seat-mate
  • Two 3 oz bottles and 3 jars, along with stickers to label their contents
  • Dental kit to stay fresh on your trip
  • A pen to jot down your in-flight musings

All of these items are packaged within a navy trifold case with mesh pouches and an extra pocket for your other travel essentials!


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Written by Jade_USA on Jul 5th 2017

Comfort in a Pack

I bought this pack for long haul travels and these items should make my travels more comfortable and bearable. Thank you, Flight 001 for a good package.