Carry-On Luggage, Wheeled Suitcases

Carry-on luggage from Flight 001 goes the distance. From retro-inspired aesthetics to contemporary security details, our collection of airline-ready wheelie bags has your travel needs covered. Pack smarter with Flight 001 carry-on suitcases.

Retro Looks, Modern Performance

Dress up your carry-on suitcase. Inspired by air travel's heyday, our Avionette and T5 carry-on spinners turn heads on and off the runway. But going retro doesn't mean defaulting to heavy lifting. These groovy carry-ons combine classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality for the perfect way to travel. Antiqued brass hardware looks classy while adding security to both the 19-inch and 21-inch Avionette options. Retro checkered lining adds inner beauty to our TWA-inspired T5 suitcase while the vegan leather exterior keeps it squarely in the 21st century. Adjustable trolley handles, 360-degree spinner wheels, and loads of interior pockets make these great travel companions. Toss in an expandable tote for extras, and you're tarmac ready.

Small but Mighty

Go big in our small but mighty carry-on luggage options. With most airlines limiting carry-ons to 22 inches max, travelers need to be smart about maximizing suitcase capacity. The carry-on suitcases in our collection let you go big when you use our Spacepak System to pack smarter. Compress, divide, and conquer all your packing needs with these clever travel organizers. Keep soiled garments away from fresh clothes, discreetly stow undergarments in divided compartments, and find everything you need without spreading the contents of your bag all over the place. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes, and don't forget Spacepak bags specially designed for boots and shoes.

First-Class Functionality

Flight 001 carry-on luggage is ready for takeoff. From our ingenious Seat Pak designed to hang from your tray table latch to our TSA-approved clear quart toiletry bags, we make traveling easier. Our suitcases, packing bags, and organizational accessories are designed to meet and exceed all your travel needs. Choose your carry-on suitcase, fill it with color-coded packing organizers, then go see the world with confidence. The first-class functionality of Flight 001 packing solutions helps you feel at home everywhere you go.

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