Stay ahead of the pack. Flight 001 helps you stay organized no matter where you're going. Whether it's a meeting in London or a bucket-list month of touring the globe, you'll stay organized and comfortable with our space-saving packing cubes, toiletry bags, and accessories made for savvy travelers.

Spacepak Travel System

Over-packers rejoice! Ouraward-winning Flight 001 Spacepak packing system lets you fit up to two weeks' worth of clothing into amazingly small luggage. With tidy compartments that compress clothes and fit together handsomely, all your stuff stays right where you want it. Choose the sizes you need, from Flatpak garment bags for suits to special packing cubes for toiletries, shoes, and more. Or opt for Spacepak Sets that bundle popular sizes of our easy-clean, durable compartments for a packing system that works for you.

More than Packing Cubes

You need more than clothes when you travel. Our organizational wonders go beyond packing cubes, all the way to passport holders, wallets, security pouches, and more. Find unique items, like the incredibly popular Seat Pak that turns your airplane seat into a personal refuge of tidy organization with a handy hook that hangs from your tray table latch. This multi-sectioned multitasker keeps ear buds, power cords, passport, boarding passes, and more at your fingertips and slides seamlessly into your carry-on. Add TSA-approved transparent cases in a rainbow of colors, tech organizers, shoe and laundry bags, and odor-concealing gym bags for a complete line of globetrotting gearat the Flight 001 travel store.

Travel Store Online

We created Flight 001 to give all travelers a first-class shopping experience. Our brick-and-mortar stores around the globe are designed with the look and feel of a retro 747 jetliner, transporting you to air travel's heyday. Visit our travel store online for 24/7 access to exclusive items, plus our full collections of luggage, Spacepak packing systems, travel accessories, and more. We're the one-stop destination for all your travel needs. Free shipping on qualifying orders and friendly customer service agents are available to answer all your questions. Go ahead - take flight.

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