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Luggage Packing Organizers

Travel smarter with packing organizers from Flight 001. Our collection of packing bags has what you need to keep toiletries, tech, and other essentials at your fingertips. Whether you're taking a carry-on or checking your luggage, packing bags from our collection bring you a first-class travel experience, from quickly clearing airport security to comfortably taking your seat to seamlessly disembarking at your destination.

Sail Through Security

Organization is key to getting through airport security. A quick checklist can make sure you're ready. Slip-off shoes: Check. Metal-free belt: Check. All your liquids in the correct sizes inside a clear one-quart bag: Check. This one's easy with the TSA-approved quart-size toiletry bags in our collection. Choose a clear quart bag for total transparency, or go for one of our bright, see-through colors for a toiletry organizer that complements your personality. These packing organizers are water-resistant and reusable for a great alternative to leaky zippered sandwich bags. Not only do our quart bags help you sail through security - they keep all your necessities organized and easy to get to when you need them.

Take Your Seat Back

Backpacks and purses become black holes of chaos during travel. Take back your seat with a Seat Pak that keeps everything handy - and hangs conveniently from your tray table latch. Finally, there's a way to divide and conquer travel essentials like your passport and boarding pass, tissues, chargers, and more. Our exclusive design features three zippered compartments in a layered concept with a handy loop made specifically to hang from the tray table latch. Seat Pak is available in a rainbow of colors to transform your airplane seat into a sanctuary of personal space.

Find Your Groove

Tech is necessary while you're traveling. With your favorite music, movies, or games, you can patiently wait out delays or layovers. Pack smarter with our tech organizers that have a place for everything. Choose a 10.5-inch or 13-inch tech organizer with a crossbody strap for hands-free mobility. Or go for the 10.5-inch handle-less option that slides easily into your tote or backpack. All three are made from splash-resistant nylon with full-grain leather touch points and nickel hardware. With an all-around zipper closure and tons of pockets - including an RFID blocking pocket - you can find your groove anywhere with ease.

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