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Purses have a way of turning into black holes of tangled chaos during travel. (And bulging cargo pockets are never a good look.) Flight 001’s exclusive Seat Pak from our In-Flight series will keep you organized from takeoff to landing, with a place for everything. (Even that funny-shaped novelty pen.)


  • 3 front zip pockets (for your ID, tech gear, and cosmetics – or anything else) 
  • 2 interior card slots 
  • 1 large rear zip pockets (for everything else!) 
  • Largest pocket fits tablets up to 8.75" in height 
  • Use the side loop to hang Seat Pak on the tray table latch in front of you
  • Can expand up to 2.75" deep


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Weight: 0.50 LBS
Width: 9.00 (in)
Height 7.00 (in)
Depth 0.50 (in)


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Written by Leslie Thomas on Oct 27th 2017

A+ for Organization

Such a great product, and not just for flying. It works great in a purse, tote bag or backpack for keeping small necessities easily accessible.

Written by N. Lamberson on Sep 27th 2017

Can't do without it.

This was a gift from my son, who knows I love organization and a place for everything. This little bag goes easily into a larger bag to access necessities like kleenes, wipes, eye drops, gum, mints, earplugs, eye mask. No more overloading my purse for these things on the airplane!

Written by Regina Gross on Aug 28th 2017

genius for managing your stuff during flight

The Seat Pak makes flying immeasurably better because it enables you to keep everything you might need during a flight conveniently organized and close at hand. On a recent flight, I fit: a Kindle, iPhone 6, Boise noise-canceling earphones, travel-size hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, acupressure bracelets (for motion sickness), ginger chewing gum (also for motion sickness), travel-size Dramamine (I'm not great with flying), light-blocking eye mask, pocket Kleenex, travel-size hand moisturizer, and lip balm. I pre-pack all this before boarding the flight, so that once on the plane, I can just pull out the Seat Pak before getting settled into my seat and hang it on the tray table in front of me. This spares me from having to go digging back through my carry-on bags to find things I need during the flight. (When you're flying in economy, it's really uncomfortable contorting yourself to reach for your bag beneath the seat in front of you without pushing into your seat mate or wrenching your neck and shoulders trying to navigate the squishy space). I didn't realize how much I needed this product until I bought it on a whim while on the site to buy a larger travel pack to organize my carry-on suitcase. Bonus - I bought it in the purple color, which is nice and bright, making it easy for me to find it among the ocean of stuff in my large tote bag.

Written by cyndi L on Apr 6th 2017

so easy

Loved this - didnt have to reach into my back pack 100 times a flight for different things - only thing - it didnt fit on the loop for my flights but thats ok - I just put it in the seat pocket.

Written by Deb H on Dec 11th 2016

Awesome Item

Just used my newly purchased F1 Seat Pak and am very pleased. It organized all my needed items, fit into the pocket of the seat in front of me during the flight and made my life so easy as I didn't have to go looking for these items! I highly recommend it.

Written by Amber on Nov 17th 2016

Great case

Great size, fits a lot, really like it!

Written by Jamie K on Sep 1st 2016

Bigger than I thought

This little pack holds a TON of stuff, and I was super glad I splurged on it for my trip. It was easy to just grab this and my book from my carry on, before putting it in the overhead bin. I had everything I needed all in one place. The only (very minor) thing is that the printed words faded off before I even used it a couple days - doesn't matter to me, but just thought I'd point it out for people who might care.

Written by John M on Sep 1st 2016

Beyond handy, best organizer I've ever used.

This thing is the perfect way to keep any backpack or purse organized. Plenty of pockets to keep everything separated and easy to find.

Written by Chris on Aug 16th 2016

Perfect for keeping your belongings together

I can't remember how many times I have left items in seat pockets. Having this, that will not happen again.