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The Flight 001 Exclusive Sleep Mask+ helps you get your beauty rest in flight. If you struggle with sleeping on an airplane because of the intrusive lights, this airplane sleep mask could be your new favorite travel companion.

Our soft, lightweight, and padded airplane sleep mask blocks out light and has a raised shape to keep pressure away from your eyelids. Say goodbye to restless flights and say hello to REM sleep, knowing you'll awaken smudge-free and ready for sightseeing.

This high-quality airplane sleep mask features wide elastic straps with Velcro closure for an adjustable fit. Choose from three colors, all of which are lined in black to facilitate nodding off.


  • Rest easier in this eyelash-friendly sleep mask that curves away from your eyes.
  • Raised eye pads allow for eye movement, which is key to reaching the REM stage and getting restorative sleep.
  • Stretchy wide elastic straps allow for a comfortable fit that won't keep you awake.
  • Velcro fastener provides adjustable sizing for a universal fit.
  • Hand wash this airplane sleep mask only. It should not come into contact with moisturizer or other oil-based products.
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