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Same style, new features. SPACEPAK CLOTHES is now SPACEPAK LARGE. You don't want a stiletto snagging a silk blouse. Tossing everything you need into one big suitcase makes for frustrating chaos while you're traveling. Pack smarter with Spacepak Large travel packing cubes from Flight 001.

Spacepak Large packing cubes keep your wardrobe safe and organized in tidy compartments that eliminate the woes of a messy, tangled suitcase. Separate clean clothes from soiled laundry in two zippered compartments. Protect garments from shoe prints or toiletry items for a cleaner, more organized travel experience.

Maximize luggage space by compressing up to two weeks' worth of outfits in our space-saving large packing cubes. Overpackers, rejoice! Garments packed flat undergo double compression, allowing for maximum wardrobe options. Used together with the rest of the Spacepak System, Spacepak Large makes the most of your luggage space while keeping everything right where you need it. Learn more about all the Spacepak options, including Spacepak Boot and Spacepak Intimates.


  • Keep clean clothes away from dirty laundry in dual front-and-back zippered compartments.
  • Reduce wrinkles and ironing by flat packing.
  • Pack up to 13 shirts and 4 pairs of pants or dresses.
  • Two sets of metal rivets allow for air compression.
  • Store and access your items conveniently with the user-friendly handle and zippers.
  • Use the outer pouch as your secondary organizer.
  • Carry your pouch effortlessly from the handle.
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