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Never underestimate the power of Spacepak Small packing cubes. As small as it is, it still can hold up to two weeks' worth of underwear and socks. It's also a great size to keep a kid's luggage neat and organized.

Compress to impress while keeping clean undergarments away from dirty laundry with separate zippered compartments. Used together with the rest of the Spacepak System, Spacepak Small maximizes luggage space and keeps you organized on the go. Learn more about Spacepak and choose from a variety of color-coded options to complement your small packing cube.


  • Spacepak Small packing cube comfortably holds up to two weeks' worth of underwear and socks.
  • Dual front-and-back zippered compartments keep clean undergarments away from dirty laundry for an odor-free trip.
  • Two sets of air vents push air out to keep your undergarments packed flat. That means no more rolling when you pack!
  • Convenient labels on each Spacepak compartment keep your luggage colorful and organized, helping you find what you need without spreading the contents of you bag all over the hotel room
  • Handles help you store and access your items conveniently.
  • Use the outer pouch as your secondary organizer.
  • The attached handle on this small packing cube lets you carry your pouch effortlessly.
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