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Spacepak Underwear Solid

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Sock orphans are particularly inconvenient in a foreign land. Spacepak Underwear keeps pairs together and unmentionables out of sight at security checkpoints in one tidy valise, with dual front-and-back zippered compartments to keep clean undies away from dirty laundry. Overpackers, rejoice! Garments packed flat undergo double compression, allowing for maximum wardrobe options.


  • Holds up to 13 pairs of socks and 13 underpants (depending on which style you prefer, of course) 
  • Two sets of metal rivets allow for air compression
  • Hand wash or machine wash on cold, then air dry. Graphics may wear over time with each wash.


Other Details
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 10.25 (in)
Height 13.50 (in)
Depth 4.50 (in)


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Written by Cassie Skauge on Jul 15th 2018


I have yet to use the product in action (which is why 3 stars), but it seems to be well made and durable, and a really clever idea. I am excited to use them on my upcoming trip!

Written by Tom on Dec 28th 2017


A great aid in extended travel...... almost a must have.

Written by Klakla on Sep 16th 2016


I bought the Yellow (Underwear) , Blue (Clothes) and Purple (Lingerie) a while ago. I remember looking on the website and really going back and forward for weeks. (It is kind of an investment, am I right?!) Then I saw them "in real life" in a little travelshop near me and bought them instantly! Let me say I have not regretted it for one single second. Before I had those mesh-type kind of luggage deviders. The Spacepack is a little bit more heavier, but are soooooo much better thanks to the "laundry side" of the pack (and the handle). You do not lose any space due to your laundry. Just throw the used clothes in there and since they'll be in the same bag as you packed them, it's lots easier to have an overview of all your stuff. When I return back home, I know precisely what I used and... what I didn't use! Every trip I take, my packing gets better and lighter. (Learning curve!) Recently, my boyfriend and I took a 10-day long vacation. Normally I would have thought to need 2 big suitcases to check-in (with probably an extra carry-on)... Now, he used 1 blue and 1 yellow pack. I used 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 purple pack. As simple as that! We could of have fitted in 2 cary-ons, but we used one check-in suitcase and one carry-on (to have some place for souvenirs). Size wise, I'm in looove with the yellow pack. If you only can get one pack, believe me: you got to go YELLOW ! In my experience, it's the most handy size. It's perfect for a weekend or overnight stay. All of my clothes fit and I keep a lot of space in your carry-on for my beautycase, my shoes,... ! (Since it's for 2 to 3 days, I really don't mind that my underwear is mixed with my clothes.) And if you leave for an extended trip, you could easily get away by using 2 yellow packs :)

Written by Sarah N on May 1st 2016

Flight changing!

I love this little pack! Bought it on a whim just before I set off for a three month trip with a backpack. This fit inside my backpack perfectly and allowed me to take about two week's worth of clothes and undies with me. I've since taken it on countless other trips overseas and domestically.

Written by Monserrat on Aug 1st 2015


Useful for preventing messes.

Written by JanetB on Dec 18th 2014

Really does make the suitcase more manageable

Used this on a one-day trip. It really is a lot easier being able to just lift the bag of clothes out of the suitcase rather than rummaging around in my carry on looking for stuff. This is a nice size for a carry on bag.

Written by Brenna on Oct 2nd 2014

Not just for undies!

It's a shame the spacepak series is labeled for specific use — the underwear pak with the underwear illustrations, clean/dirty and so on... I use the undie pak as the main pak in my carryon. I roll up tops and undies in the one side, pants and rolled up sock on the other. Such a space saver, it's all I ever use! I had more than enough to wear on a 12-day trip to two climates, three foreign countries, all in my carryon!

Written by JA on Jan 8th 2014

Very Useful

This kept all my first layers, undies and pj's in one handy place, and separate from all my day wear clothing, so if I needed an item, I didn't have to dig for it in the other spacepak or loose in luggage. Love the clean/laundry divider, especially for stinky socks!

Written by hella alyshia on Dec 30th 2013

perfect for small bags

This is the perfect size for packing a ton of shirts and shorts into my duffel bag (breaking the rules, I know!) This really helps to maximize space.

Written by Roxy on Dec 28th 2013

A Travel Must

I love all of the spacepak items. It makes packing and unpacking so much less overwhelming and actually kind of enjoyable since everything is so organized and easy to manage.