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Marshall Headphones, Travel Speakers, Earbuds

Listen up! Travel headphones, earbuds, and speakers available at Flight 001 take your music anywhere. For noise-cancelling bliss on the plane, hands-free calls in the airport, and mighty speakers that won't weight down your luggage, our collection is music to your ears.

Marshall Headphones & Speakers

Marshall amps are the king of loud. From Jimi Hendrix to Justin Timberlake, A-list performers rely on them for big arena sound. Get that same quality in Marshall headphones and travel speakers at Flight 001. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Headphones offer 30-plus hours of wireless listening on a single charge. These lightweight, ergonomic headphones work with your phone for hands-free calls, and you can share the groove with a traveling companion via a simple plug-in. Marshall Mid and BT Headphones take it up a notch with active noise cancelling technology that's perfect for tuning out your fellow airplane passengers. Either way, you get durable, road-worthy design, super-soft ear cushions, and high-quality Marshall sound. Marshall II BT Earbuds have the skinny on Bluetooth tech with built-in microphone, in-line controls, and a unique adjustable ear-fit system. Jam out anywhere with Marshall's Stockwell II Speaker that features three class-D amplifiers, subwoofer, and tweeters in a compact retro design that goes the distance.

Wireless Headphones & Speakers

Look stylish while escaping into your tunes with U Headphones. These fashionable travel headphones aren't just pretty - they deliver remarkable sound with impressively soft ear cups. Passive noise cancellation and 12 hours of playtime make them a great airplane seat partner. Take your tunes along without exceeding carry-on weight limits with Mighty Sound Speaker from Capture Flow. Weighing in at just 0.3 pounds, this Bluetooth speaker brings small but mighty power to any party.

In-Flight Connection

Prepare for takeoff with Flight 001. We're your nonstop connection to organization and style on the go. From retro-chic luggage to organizer bags with RFID-blocking security to our signature Spacepak System that maximizes capacity, we cover all your travel needs. Stop by our online store for 24/7 access to a world of organization, exclusive offers, and more.

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