Travel Plugs & Adapters

Travel Plug Adapters

Adapt to your destination with travel plug adapters from Flight 001. Our collection of voltage converters keeps you plugged in around the globe, from Europe to Asia to Africa and beyond. Find universal travel adapters and power adapters by country, then enjoy the journey with peace of mind.

Universal Travel Adapters

Travel smarter with our travel plug adapters. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, you'll be ready to plug into the pulse of your destination with a 5-in-1 or 4-in-1 Universal Adapter from Flight 001. Ours are the first voltage converters to use the JA/C READY Adapter system. This color-coded world adapter system makes it easy to know which power adapter you need in any given country. So whether your itinerary covers a two-day layover in Iceland, gigs across Central and South America, or a bucket-list trip that includes the Greek Islands and New Zealand, these handy power adapters keep you plugged in and powered up. Our 5-in-1 universal Adapter also includes two USB ports and a detachable charger for devices and cameras. Both universal travel adapters come with a color-coded map that simplifies matching the right plug to your destination.

Travel Plug Adapters by Country

Fit in around the world with country-specific travel plug adapters. Our collection includes grounded and non-grounded options for the United States, the European Union, and the Australian corridor - which comprises Australia, New Zealand, China, and Argentina. Find single-country options for Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Italy, and Switzerland. Other selections include a voltage converter that works in the Middle East and parts of India, and an adapter for outlets in South Africa and parts of India. Tailor your adapters to your trip, and keep all your devices and tech gear organized in a compact cross-body Knomad Organizer.

Nonstop Connection

Flight 001 is your nonstop connection to travel that's organized and stylish. Our online store is your 24/7 destination for all the details that make a great trip, from high-quality carry-on luggage to European plug adapters to our innovative Spacepak System that maximizes any bag's capacity. We're travelers ourselves, so we understand how the baggage you carry becomes your home away from home. Find everything you need to enjoy the journey at Flight 001. Then go ahead and let your dreams take flight.

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