Zirui Go Case

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Wherever you go, ZIRUI goes with you.

Beauty and care products are simply not made for travel/the modern lifestyle that is always on the go. Remember doing your makeup in the back of a Uber, rushing to the gym and having to grab everything at once, the chunky toiletry bag that always ends up being messy and gets all over your hand? Like, who has time for that? There’s gotta be a better solution. I mean, common, it’s the 21st century. Thus we at ZIRUI focus on solving the issue, and making beauty and personal care more mobile yet still enjoyable by focusing on the packaging. Ultimately, we are not selling you a travel case or a better bottle (although our bottles are better), we are selling you space and time (*not say but imply the potentials of life) because we understand life is too short and fun to be spent on worrying about how to carry your favorite new lotion to a summer island, or a facial cleanser to your boyfriend’s house. Wherever you go, ZIRUI goes with you.To start, we offer a functional and beautiful solution for traveling with liquids, It’s called ZIRUI GO Case. There are four 1oz. Bottles all magnetically connected to the luxurious outer case made with vegan leather. Ditch your bulky ziplock bags, and switch now.


Other Details
Weight: 1.60 LBS
Width: 2.10 (in)
Height 6.69 (in)
Depth 6.69 (in)


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